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Planning a bachelorette or wedding shower in Huron County

By Mandy Sinclair

Bachelorette and wedding showers have evolved from the half-day get-together to often weekend-long celebrations with personalized hashtags and matching attire. To help you plan a bachelorette or pre-wedding celebration in Huron County, we’ve rounded up a few things you may want to take in to consideration.

Establish your dates

Huron County is beautiful year round. In spring, the towns are spruced up with magnolia trees and daffodils, tulips and the scent of lilac trees. Summer days here simply cannot be beat with the beach access, gorgeous trails and a laid-back vibe that takes over the county’s tourist towns and beaches. Autumn is picturesque as the trees provide a kaleidoscope of colours while driving around the county and the farmers harvest the fields. For fans of snowshoeing and winter walks, our trails make for a great escape before cozying up fireside during the winter months.

In summer, our bountiful Tasting Huron County Breakfast Table and Along the Way picnics are filled with fruits picked fresh each day, fresh salads that cool and refresh, and drinks fresh pressed. In winter, it’s all about hygge and comfort foods. And of course, all sourced within Huron County.

Determine your where in Huron County

Lakefront, somewhere nestled in the woods, a riverside retreat, a historic inn, or even a backyard, Huron County has no shortage of ideal destinations whether you’re spreading the celebrations over a weekend, or a day. At Tasting Huron County, we love to share our insider tips on where to go with our guests. Feel free to contact us when planning your bachelorette or wedding shower in Huron County and we’ll happily advise on our favourite spots and what Tasting Huron County delivery pairs well.

Set your spend

Once you’ve determined the guest list, the duration of the celebrations and the location, it’s time to determine the spend. While Huron County remains an accessible destination, pricing – accommodations, food and drink, and entertainment – is certainly on the rise. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to have a good time. Contact us to determine a per-person rate for either a Breakfast Table (our lux and indulgent option) or our Along the Way picnic delivery for either a lingering lunch or a dinner filled with toasting.

Choose your adventures

Per-person budget confirmed, it’s time to start planning your celebration. Our bachelorette partygoers visiting for the weekend tell us they love starting the day with an indulgent and abundant Breakfast Table delivery. We pull out county favourites and lesser-known products (pastei de nata with a strong county-roasted coffee anyone?) to create a brunch you’ll be lingering over while sharing stories for hours. And it’s completely effortless. Wake up, meet us at your door for the delivery, set the table and enjoy! Then the options are varied. Hit up the local wineries to taste some of our local whites and roses, some of the sparkling wines are quite lovely as well. The breweries too are creating some fun blends in collaboration with local producers. In the summer months, a beach day is a must. Sand between the toes, flowing bottles of rosé, and endless laughs while soaking up the sun just can’t be beat. We also love paddle boarding and Yoga Den provides a great guided tour on Lake Huron. For culture lovers, a matinée or evening performance at the Blyth Festival provides a glimpse in to local culture as well as a live show featuring local stories. This year the theatre is set outdoors and we cannot wait to see our first performance next week. A wander in Bayfield is a favourite way to spend an afternoon. Roaming through the

boutiques, stopping for an ice cream, meandering down to Pioneer Park (also a great, and popular, spot for an Along the Way picnic in the park). Yoga is a personal favourite and Jen Reaburn and Clare Sutherland are favourite instructors. Clare even teaches a yoga class on the a stand-up paddle board.

Menu plan

We recommend planning at least one meal out at a local restaurant and are happy to provide tips. But if you’re planning a meal at home, our Breakfast Table and Along the Way deliveries are designed to be effortless so you can spend more time celebrating, than in the kitchen. We deliver our bountiful packages directly to your door within Huron County. You just have to set the table and enjoy! And tell us your preferences in advance so we can create a delivery specific to your taste buds.


Have fun! Enjoy the time together. And Huron County.

To find out more about Tasting Huron County’s Breakfast Table or Along the Way deliveries featuring a range of products from producers and suppliers countywide, contact Tasting Huron County.

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