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Goderich Tasting Trail

By Mandy Sinclair

When I was a kid, I wanted to live in a house overlooking the lake in Goderich and work as a lawyer at the Huron County courthouse.

But life doesn’t also go as planned. Instead I held public-sector communications roles and moved to far off places to work on incredibly exciting projects before making my way back to Goderich in 2020.

But now, (we don’t need to talk about how many years or even decades later) those childhood dreams are coming true. Just blended in a different way – the Goderich Tasting Trail by Tasting Huron County.

With guests on the Goderich Tasting Trail, we’ll meander through the streets dotted with architectural gems and parks providing sweeping views of landscapes below as we chat architectural heritage and history of the town. In between we step into bakeries, cafes, restaurants and other unexpected stops to sample some favourite eats (some of which have been favourites since childhood) and meet friendly locals along the way.

What to expect:⁠ When travelling, I always book a food tour. Food makes or breaks a country for me. Highlights include my Delicious Israel tour in Tel Aviv and Bratislava Food Tours in Slovakia On the Goderich Tasting Trail we anticipate taking travellers to at least five stops for treats they may not otherwise hear about in Goderich, pointing out those they probably have. ⁠ I love architecture. Art deco may be my favourite, but art nouveau is up there too. I developed a love for modernism in Morocco, as it's tied to the country's post-independence history (which fascinates me), and loved interviewing the founders of Mamma Group and architect Aziza Chaouni on the subject for my Why Morocco podcast. For those who don’t know, Goderich is a architectural jewel box with an interesting history too! ⁠ I started Tasting Marrakech in 2014 and our Gueliz tour, which focuses on the architecture, history, contemporary art and design and street food, is one of our most popular. It's also on Conde Nast's round up of things to do in Marrakech. Now it's time to bring the concept "home". ⁠

This three-hour tour includes a local host, tastings and (non-alcoholic) drinks, any entrance fees, and tips as required. Contact us to find out more or to book your tour today!

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