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Country roads (take me home)

By Mandy Sinclair

Huron County has no shortage of beautiful country roads. With rolling farmland, meandering rives and streams, and charming villages, the scenery here is second to none. I’m just not sure I remember thinking that when my parents would load us all in to the back of our two-door car in the eighties to head out on a country drive. Perhaps it was because my older sisters claimed the window seats so I was stuck with my knees up to my chin because, back in the day, there was a clear floor division between two window seats.

But now, I’m saying let’s bring those days back. No devices, just time spent together, slow travelling close to home. So I’ve rounded up some favourite country roads in Huron County where slowing down, stopping to enjoy an unexpected view, or throwing down a blanket for a picnic are highly recommended (and perfectly acceptable in my opinion).

Orchard Line, Goderich to Bayfield

Hands down my favourite road in Huron County, regardless of the season. In autumn, the tree canopy turns from refreshing greens to fiery oranges and reds. And the gentle rolling hills are dotted with farmhouses and acres of agricultural land. Seeing the long-horned cattle grazing in the field on the corner of Tower Line Road and Orchard Line is always a reminder of the reward of slowing down and taking the scenic route.

We suggest ordering a Tasting Huron County Breakfast Table delivery before starting your country drive along Orchard Line. From here, one can head north toward Zurich and Exeter or west toward Bayfield and then south toward Grand Bend.

Little Lakes Road, Central Huron

Starting from the historic Ball’s Bridge, just off the Base Line, and crossing over the Maitland River, the waterways don’t end here. I suggest pulling over to have a wander and admire the wrought-iron bridge that was built in 1885 to connect Goderich with the county's eastern communities. I also love laying out an Along the Way picnic here on the banks of the Maitland River, especially with my nephews. One can fish; the other can ride around on his bike.

Then continue west along the gravel road as it meanders past the Maitland Trail entrance (highly recommend) where eventually the road winds between “Little Lakes”. The lakes are covered in lily pads and absolutely stunning any time of the year.

If heading out on a country drive, we suggest making this a late-afternoon stop and ordering a Tasting Huron County Along the Way picnic to enjoy riverside.

Cardiff Road, between Brussels and Wingham

Rolling farmland, a meandering Maitland River and coniferous hedgerow made driving down Cardiff Road when leaving Brussels and heading toward Wingham a pleasant road to travel.

This area is home to diverse communities and I love cruising along, admiring other ways of life, the abundance of agriculture and beauty of the landscapes in this part of Huron County.

Grab an Along the Way picnic before setting off on your journey. There are lots of little unexpected picnic stops to stumble upon for a picturesque afternoon out.

To find out more about Tasting Huron County delivery options featuring a range of products from producers and suppliers countywide, email us today. We like to think of our Tasting Huron County deliveries as a delivery from a (Huron) Countywide farmers’ market.

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