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Tasting Huron County Breakfast Table

Curated food experiences.


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Hassle-free and bountiful brunch delivered directly to your door within Huron County from our favourite producers!


Taste the best of Huron County's producers served up in the best of Huron County’s natural settings! 

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A guided tasting trail that winds through the historical downtown and port while sampling the best the town has to offer.

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Tasting Huron County provides curated farm-to-table food experiences delivered direct within Huron County whether to a lakeside cottage, one of our favourite parks or trails, or to your home for a special celebration.


Having grown up in Huron County and spent summers here for the past 10 years, I am inspired by the local food scene and decided to bring the Tasting Marrakech concept I launched in Morocco to the area when I returned in July 2020.

All Tasting Huron County experiences combine my love of lingering with friends around a table filled with good food whether it's lakeside at a cottage, throwing down a picnic blanket outdoors, or an intimate backyard gathering.

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Get in touch / TEL: 519-441-0972

Contact us to start planning your Tasting Huron County food experience today! 

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